2nd International Symposium on
Ubiquitous Computing Technologies for Nutrition and Diet Coaching

UbiNutrition 2010

A new workshop event is planned for 2010. This site will be updated shortly.



The worldwide surge of overweight, obesity, and related cardiovascular diseases has been associated to calorie-rich diets, lack of dieting awareness, food quality, and sedentary lifestyle. Consequently, dietary behavior has a critical impact on various health risks.  Most importantly, overweight and obesity are not just limited to Western countries, but similarly affecting developing regions. Growing health and economic concerns have prompted public bodies to promote diet-related health policies.

The development of intelligent assistive technologies that support healthy dieting and lifestyle is a promising research topic in Pervasive Computing.  Various systems have been proposed to aid users in balancing their diet and controlling calorie intake. Approaches range from PDA-based diaries, Internet community platforms, kitchen recommender systems, to sensor-based automatic dietary monitoring.  Besides acquiring dietary and lifestyle information, intelligent assistant systems can provide personalized feedback and behavior coaching.  Eventually, such systems could complement existing diet and weight management programs.

Nevertheless, designing effective dietary monitoring solutions and ubiquitously implementing intelligent assistants remain open research challenges. This field is lacking general concepts and directions to address the aforementioned challenges and potential. Thus, it will be a primary goal of UbiNutrition2010 to inspire interaction and discussions between experts of the diverse fields and prepare a joint position statement as public available outcome of the workshop.  UbiNutrition2010 shall serve as a platform to build a research community on assistive technology related to nutrition and diet.


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